I Love to Ride My Bicycle

I made a post over on Hubpages yesterday. It was really a reaction to many years of frustration of riding my bike and having to share the road with cars. I Am a Cyclist.

I stopped racing mountain bikes a few years ago. I used to race a lot in Georgia but work put me moving up to middle TN. There isn’t a lot of mtn biking in this area. Not like the north GA mtns. that’s for sure. There are a few crummy trails around Nashville but nothing that compares with what’s further south. I actually wrote a hubpage on one of my favorite trails called Bear Creek.

Anyway, I went down to the Dirt, Sweat and Gears 12-hour mtn bike race in Fayetteville, TN this past Saturday. It was fun to be around the racing scene again. I actually went down to test ride a Gary Fisher mtn bike that the local shop was demoing. It was the HiFi Pro. That is one sweet riding bike. I am still a holdover of older times. I currently have a hardtail. Dual suspension is amazing. I hope I can save up money and by that bike one day.

There is a toy that I want by Garmin. It’s the GPS Edge for your bike. I think it would be totally cool to have the information it provides. It like those automotive gps systems but for your bike. It has the typical speed, distance, heart rate, etc. But it also has a GPS map system built in. Would seem great if you were simply trying to ride and get lost.

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  1. susancyclist said

    Hi, I’m in Mid-Tenn too. Get the Garmin. I’ve had the 305 for a year now. Very cool.

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