I Want a New Mountain Bike and Why I Can’t Have One

I want a new mountain bike. I just can’t justify buying one right now. I have the money to get it. I just don’t have the location where it would make sense having one I don’t think. I have to drive 3-4 hours to get to where I want to ride. With gasoline prices the way they are that means $40-50 a trip. And I drive a 4-cylinder Toyota too. Can’t imagine if I was driving a full-sized pickup or utility vehicle like a Pathfinder or Extera.

But I still want a new mountain bike. I test drove a Gary Fisher HiFi Pro a couple of weekends ago. It was a sweet ride. I wouldn’t purchase the pro as it costs like $3K retail but the HiFi is around $1,600 and just has lesser components. The frame is the same as the Pro. So I could upgrade easily as the components wore out.

But where to ride? I live in Middle TN. It’s hilly in some places but there are not many public places to ride. After rolling through some of the local parks a couple of times that shit gets boring.

I miss the N. GA. mountains. That is where I prefer to go mountain bike riding. If I still lived within an hour of there I would be riding a new Gary Fisher or Trek Fuel. Maybe a Santa Cruz. I’d let the bike shop wrenches help me choose one that is suitable for my size and riding interests. I want a new mountain bike.

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