The Mexico Cycling Incident

By now if you are a cyclist you have seen the horrifying photo of the drunk and asleep asshole who plowed into the pack of cyclists, killing one and injured numerous others. I’ve read varying stories about whether it was a benefit ride or a race. They were being escorted by local officials.

I also read that the onlookers were preparing to lynch the guy before police were able to get there and step in. I’m pretty sure I would have been in full rage as well. There is no excuse. Apparently the guy is from Brownsville, TX.

I hate when I read that this was an “accident”. This was a crash. This was more devastating than the politically correct word accident. There is no excuse. Lots of injured people here. And someone lost their life because this asshat decided to go for a drunken drive. This shit pisses me off.

More on the crash:

Readers react to the Mexican crash, Contador’s win and more

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Horrific Accident…

Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico(Monday June-2-2008 ) Seven competitors from yesterday cyclist race were severely injured after being hit by a drunk driver, one of them died and other three were hospitalized. The drunk driver was arrested …

Bike wreck in Mexico

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