I Bought a 2009 Gary Fisher HiFi Pro 29er

I’ve been saving up for over a year for a new mountain bike. I wasn’t sure what I was going to buy until a couple weeks ago when I test road the 2009 Gary Fisher HiFi Pro 29er. I went to the bike shop that gets all my business and told them I want to deploy that money to that bike. It took two weeks to get it in and they will have it built by tomorrow. Needless to say I am pretty excited. It’s the nicest and most expensive bike I’ve ever bought. It’s probably the nicest thing I’ve ever treated myself in my 42 years.

The problem is finding places to ride it in Mid TN. There isn’t a lot of public lands. Gasoline is so damn expensive that it’s tough to justify spending a tank full of gas to get back down to GA. I’ll have to find people to share the expense with I guess. I’ll have to make do with the local areas that are available. And maybe find some new places to ride that I didn’t know about.

Anyway, you only live once. I’ve had my current Giant hardtail since around 1993. I’ve gone through three shocks and various components. It has served me well. As a matter of fact I plan on converting it to a single speed just for kicks. But it’s time to move on. Time for a change. Man, I can’t wait.


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