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This is Not the Way to Ride in Traffic

I will stand up for the rights of my fellow cyclists to ride their bikes on the road. I have a real problem with inconsiderate drivers and their dangerous driving around cyclists. But I tell you it drives me insane when cyclists do not give us a chance by riding so stupidly.

I’m coming to work this morning and there are two guys riding their bike. No big deal except that it is a well-driven street, early in the morning, with a lot of people trying to get themselves chained to their cubicle desk. Well these two d-bags are riding in the road, abreast. WTF? Are you guys trying to give cyclists a bad name. Do you want the car drivers to continue to hate us?

There is absolutely no reason for these d-bags to be riding side-by-side. It inconveniences traffic. It makes cyclists look bad. It’s dangerous for everybody trying to get around.

I think cyclists have every right to be in the road. But I do think that cyclists need to use their head if they want to get any respect from drivers. Don’t do this shit when you ride.


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