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Low Gasoline Prices Means More Mountain Biking

One of the results of high gasoline prices was I did very little mountain biking when gasoline was above $2. There are a couple of reasons for this: 1) I live in middle Tennessee. Not exactly a hot bed of mountain biking activity. I’ve ridden every trail local to Nashville and can say there are only two that I go back to. Montgomery Bell State Park and Columbia. In fact, those two trail systems are fantastic. The rest, well you take what you can get, but they are rather sad. I moved from north of Atlanta and had my choices of many epic north Georgia mountain rides through the 90’s and early 2000’s. I took them for granted.

2) I drive a 4-cylinger vehicle. As a matter fact that’s all I’ve ever driven. Even when I was paying 89 cents for gasoline I still did not like to spend my money on it. I’ve had three cars in my life and they were all used and 4-cylinder. I’m no environmental zealot but I hate to spend money on gas. Anyway, it was very hard to spend the money to drive back down to Georgia to hit those old trails, even with a 4-cylinder.

Today is a different story. Instead of it costing $50-60 to drive down to Georgia, it now only costs like $25. If I stay local I might only spend $3-4 rather than $10 to go mountain biking. I used to wake up and think whether I wanted to spend that money or simply get on my road bike and go for a ride. The road bike has won out for the last few years.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to ride my road bike. It’s a nice Trek 5500. Circa 2004 I think. I had to get my 1996 model frame replaced in 2006. The earliest they had was a 2004. Talk about an upgrade! And it cost me nothing. But my first love is mountain biking and I had been missing it. I’ve been riding almost every weekend since getting my Gary Fisher.


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